Let’s Talk

A game to spark meaningful conversations with your friends, family, colleagues or even strangers.

We're currently sold out, pre-oder for next batch.

What is Let’s Talk?

Let’s Talk is a simple game of cards to spark meaningful conversations with your friends, family, colleagues or even strangers.

Dinner Tables. Game Nights. Team Gatherings. Date Nights.

The one thing that makes these good occasions great is the quality of your conversations.

However, in today’s world of social media and smartphones, we have forgotten what it means to truly have conversations that add more meaning to our lives.

We often struggle to start such conversations. And even if we do, we spend most of our time on small talk.

The result, the same old questions – What’s up? How’s the weather? How is work?

And the same old conversations that drain you. Instead of fuelling you.

In today’s hyper connected yet lonely world, each one of us secretly wishes to speak about the things that matters most to us, right now.

What if you had a simple tool in your pocket to help you spark such conversations?

Skip the Small Talk.
Connect More Deeply.

Seek diverse perspectives on day to day problems.

Make your social interactions richer and better.

Create space to express your thoughts and emotions freely.

Skip the small talk and get to the heart of a great conversation.

Ask powerful questions to reflect, share and learn.

Understand others and help them understand YOU.

The Price

Launch Price

INR 2000


What You Get ?

110 Cards.

Powerful Questions.


Thought Provoking Images.


Instruction Booklet.

What you get?

What you get?

Powerful Questions​.

Thought Provoking Images.

Instruction Booklet​.


Add More Meaning To Your Next Gathering

  • Game Night with your Friends
  • Date Night with your Partner
  • House Party with Strangers
  • Team Offsites with Colleagues
  • Dinner with Family

What People Are Saying

Shreya, India
Shreya, India
Read More
I was recently introduced to this game by someone. The game is a beautiful way to spend time with friends and family and definitely does change the quality of time spent.
Nitasha, Canada
Nitasha, Canada
Read More
This game has made it’s way into my morning journaling ritual. Love it guys, thank you!
Riya, India
Riya, India
Read More
My colleagues and I, in my organisation (since we live in different places) have a ritual where I share the card from the deck everyday and everyone answers that question on the whatsapp group. Now we all have reasons to keep smiling throughout the day.
Richa, India
Richa, India
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It’s such a great way of facilitating meaningful conversations. It makes people uncomfortable (especially the ones who don’t love to dig deeper) and I guess they would need a little nudge to continue, but they’re probably the ones that need it the most. Thank you for gifting this to us!
Harsh, India
Harsh, India
Read More
This is such a cool game to play, I’ve carried it many times with me on my travels and it’s the ultimate thing to have some beautiful conversations!

How to Play?

Sit in a circle facing each other and place the deck of cards in the center.

Whoever feels ready, picks up any card from the deck and starts the game.

The game moves clockwise from the person who begins.

Each player picks up one card from the deck, takes a moment to reflect and then answers the question. If you pick up a picture card, describe what you see and feel when you see that card.

A round is considered complete when every player in the Circle has answered a new question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I buy the game?
You can buy the game through our online store. Let’s talk is only available for sale in India at the moment. If you’re based in another country and would like to have the game delivered to you, please email us at ourlifecircles@gmail.com.

Q. How long will the delivery take?
Delivery of the game in India will usually take between 10-14 days, but delays can be expected due to the ongoing restrictions as a result of COVID-19.

Q. What is the refund policy?

We offer a 7 day refund policy only on items which are defective or damaged. If 7 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we cannot offer a refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

To initiate your return and know the next steps, click on the form here.

Q. How can I make a bulk order for the deck? Am I eligible for a discount? (5+ Decks)

We’d love to make this possible, please email us at ourlifecircles@gmail.com with your inquiry.

Q. How can I bring Let’s Talk to my event or community?

We’d love to find a way to collaborate, please email us at ourlifecircles@gmail.com with further details.

Suggest a Great Question

If you came across a great question that you’d love to be added to the game, send it over.

Based on Positive Psychology

Spark conversations on the 5 pillars of your happiness &
well-being as per Positive Psychology.






And Inspired By

Have Conversations That Matter

A TEDx Talk by the Founder
Siddharth Anantharam

“It’s not the LENGTH of your relationships but the DEPTH
of your conversations that really matters!”

- Siddharth Anantharam

#LetsTalk About Your Story

We're currently sold out, pre-oder for next batch.​​

Designed With Love By
The Team Behind
Life Circles

This game has been designed with love by Life Circles.

At Life Circles, we believe that speaking about the things that matter helps us build a deeper relationship with ourselves and with our closest circles.

We combine principles of Positive Psychology and Circle methodology to craft unique Games, Experiences and Retreats for communities around the world.

Our spaces and tools are designed to help people gain clarity and new perspectives so they can live a lighter, more meaningful life.

For more information about Life Circles as well as our upcoming experiences and retreats please visit www.ourlifecircle.com

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