We Are Life Circles

A New School For Your Personal Well Being.

Unlike traditional schools that educate you to find a living
we help you live a lighter, more meaningful life.

We find joy in uniting humans like YOU who choose to make your well-being your
biggest priority,
despite the challenges life throws at you.

We Bring People Together

We host intimate circles, experiential workshops and meaningful games that help
you pause, gain clarity and find new perspectives to live your life well.

Why We Do What We Do

We are passionate about helping people live a good life.
We dream of infusing this world with more compassion and wisdom.

We Believe

You belong, You matter,
You need to be seen, heard and understood.

So, we host spaces where you are the centerpiece.
Where, you can express freely, listen, understand and be understood.

The whole world is our classroom,
Life our biggest teacher,
Conversations our biggest tool,
To understand ourselves & each other better.

So, we curate experience where you get re real
through real conversations, life stories and lessons.

Motivation only lasts that long,
Action is what creates lasting changes.

So, we design tools grounded in western psychology &
eastern wisdom to help you gain calrity.

Real well-being is when you feel
the weight lifting off your head and shoulders.

So, we have fun together
and leave you feeling lighter than when you started.

We're often asked,
"What's Your Story?"

The truth is, this story started off as a simple social experiment between three friends to improve their decade long friendship.

As friends who'd also been classmates, colleagues, travel buddies and now housemates in an- other country, we realized that our day to day busyness had taken over our relationship. And our life.

We no longer got a chance to connect meaningfully about the things that really mattered in our lives - including some of our biggest dreams to some of our tiniest little insecurities.

So, back in 2018, we decided to run a simple social experiment where we invited some of our closest friends and family to a three day experience in Goa, India.

We called this experience - Life Circles. Simply because we wanted this to be a circle of equals meeting to seek clarity on our life, together. Leaving behind our fancy titles and designations from the real world.

In Goa, we experienced the power, and magic of a space where we could express ourselves freely, have meaningful conversations without fear or judgment and invite new perspectives about our life's most burning questions.

This space completely transformed our relationship - both with ourselves and with our closest friends and family.

So, we decided to make it our personal mission to host such experiences for more people around the world where;

Since then, we have hosted numerous well-being circles, workshops and curated three magical retreats in stunning locations around the world. And we are just getting started!

We're Proud Of Our Journey So Far

We Shared Our Story On
The TEDx Stage

How Do We Have Conversation That Matter by   Siddharth Anantharam

Who We Are

We are often known as the three musketeers. We first met in college in Mumbai, over a decade ago and since then we have created some amazing moments together.

Between us we have a combined experience of over 15 years in the personal growth and well-being space and have curated, hosted and organized events with thousands of attendees.

We work for Mindvalley - the largest personal growth company in the world and have previously worked for leading brands like AON, STAR, UNESCO & NOKIA.

Siddharth Anantharam

Founder & Host

Ishaan Jaiswal

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Seerat Batth

Co-Founder & Director of Experience

We Host You With Love

Everyy month, we host a new experience online, that you can join form the
comfort of your own home.


Welcome to an ancient practice of learning and sharing.Discover a powerful way to be seen, heard and understood.

~ 75 Minutes


Dive deeper into a specific pillar of your well-being.Learn a tool you can apply immediately to gain clarity in your life.

~ 2 Hours


Ever wondered if games could be both fun and meaningful?
Join our game nights to find out.

~ 2 Hours


Every year, we curate an immersive retreat in a stunning location and invite a
small group of you to join us. These retreats are designed to help you disconnect
form the world and reconnect with yourself, deeply.

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